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Come and open the Casket of Fays!

This first issue of the Dragon Warriors Fanzine, 'Casket of Fays' is brought to you by Red Ruin Publishing

Inside the Casket this issue you will find treasures:

Fearsome mere-trolls and the even worse mere-hags

A visit to the balmy Thousand Islands

A new Sorcerer spell

A pointedly nasty magical item

Back to the Thousand Islands, for a more pointed look (that's weapons, just to be clear..)

Enjoy Chaubrette, and enter the Barony of Severac

Meet a great hero of the Mercanian sagas

The first part of look at a new Profession — the Light Elementalist

Be it serpent, or be it cat, or both — it's the Tatzelwurm


This fanzine includes material based on the Dragon Warriors setting, as created by and copyright © Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and used according to the terms of the Serpent King Games Fan Policy.

We are not permitted to charge you to use or access this content. This document is not published, endorsed, or officially approved by Serpent King Games.

For more information about Dragon Warriors products and Serpent King Games, please visit their website.

Writers: Brock, Damian May, Greg Dzi, James Healey, Joshua Roach, Lee Barklam, Wayne Imlach

Artists: Brockprint, Shaun Hately, tentacles_of_gloom


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