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Welcome to our eleventh issue! 

This time we bring a fine selection of Dragon Warriors wares to tempt you.

Unlimited Bizarre and Dangerous Adversaries! (Part One) 

Andrew Wright shows us how to take creatures out of the Fighting Fantasy world and bring them to Legend.

FAQs for Dragon Warriors (Part 3) 

Dave Morris's series of answers to all our Dragon Warriors questions continues.

River Spider 

Chris Jolliffe presents his aquatic arachnids.

Nock, Draw, and Loose 

Brock and Lee Barklam test their muscles in the noble art of archery.

Paperback Fighter

Ben from The Smart Party Podcast takes us on a journey through time, starting in his local newsagent.

The Adventure of Aunty Crookback

Jason Pearman makes his debut in the Casket, with an encounter based on the laws of hospitality. And being hag-ridden.

Ritual: The House of the Moon 

It is a pain recharging those sorcerous rings. If only there was a painless way to speed this up. If only. A sting in the tale courtesy of Chris Jolliffe.

The Tale of Saint Andreas in Analika 

Brock and Damian May tell us a tale of the True Faith, set in far off Analika.

and finally, we reach

Ibrahim (The Holy City)

Brock takes us to the city of Ibrahim, giving us a detailed guide to it, along with a sumptuous back cover map.

Thanks to artists: Chris Lawson, Andrew Wright, Brockprint, and Joseph Jacobs

This fanzine includes material based on the Dragon Warriors setting, as created by and copyright © Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and used according to the terms of the Serpent King Games Fan Policy.

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Updated 16th September '23 with a discrete copy of the back cover map of Ibrahim in a larger format.