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Casket of Fays reaches issue 2. More chilling than last issue, terror roams the Lands of Legend.

  • Take a party of 1st-2nd rank adventurers into 'A Hole Lot of Trouble'
  • Encounter the Ignis Fatuus — and put it to 'good' use
  • Kuman Thong — a thematically horrific magical item
  • Find the Book of the Dead in the first part of 'Mortal Combat'
  • Meet Toshi Kaikuri at the Court of King Hadric
  • The Light Elementalist reaches Pt 2 — with more variant spells
  • Roast Basilisk Head can only be good for you...
  • 'You know what we need, more types of zombie' — that's how that conversation began...
  • A crabbily nice and snappy delicacy — the Ngokla
  • Baron Aldred — the competion winner (and look for a further competition)
  • The Drac will drag you to its underground watery lair
  • Earn your arms — work for those magical items
  • Almeric de Saint Meur — the epitome of knightly virtue
  • Hags Breath — a new Trollware


Writers: Andrew Wright, Bonivant, Brock, Chris Meacham, Damian May, James Healey, Jonathan Hicks, Joshua Roach, Lee Barklam, Nigel Ward, Wayne Imlach

Artists: Andrew Wright, Brockprint, Carlos Castilho, Jeremy Mohler, Patrick Crusiau

This fanzine includes material based on the Dragon Warriors setting, as created by and copyright © Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and used according to the terms of the Serpent King Games Fan Policy.

We are not permitted to charge you to use or access this content. This document is not published, endorsed, or officially approved by Serpent King Games.

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