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Bubbling out of the primordial slime comes the eighth issue of Casket of Fays, the loftily titled Ultimate Dragon Warriors Zine. What is in this particular issue?

The City of Kitogad — journey to the Drowned City that surfaces but once a year. Adventure, treasure, and death are sure to meet you there.

The Marsh Beast — long have fellows spoken of the mythical Marsh Beast, but none have been able to decide upon just what it looks like. Now we find out why.

Weapons of the Thousand Islands — the Kampilan and the Kelewang, a pair of weapons from the Thousand Islands.

Mortal Combat's Healing Magic — looking back to something that predates Dragon Warriors and now updated to use in your game.

The Annis — black arts abound when you meet the Annis.

Lost Artifacts of Ellesland — two magic items for your campaign.

Ki — spirit and its uses as a source of inspiration and advantage.

Ulric's Compendium of Wonders — three pointedly nasty blades.

Aestercote — sleep with one eye open.

This fanzine includes material based on the Dragon Warriors setting, as created by and copyright © Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and used according to the terms of the Serpent King Games Fan Policy.

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