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Tales of Red Ruin reaches its sixth release. 

We are proud to present "Icon of Death", a solo adventure penned and illustrated by David Donachie.

Marshall Vallin bids you take on a dangerous mission, one that entrusts you to deliver a mysterious package. The fate of the Principalities hinges on this mission. Just how much danger you will encounter, well, that remains to be seen.

This solo adventure requires the use of a character of any profession. We advise 3rd or 4th rank.


This solo adventure includes material based on the Dragon Warriors setting, as created by and copyright © Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, and used according to the terms of the Serpent King Games Fan Policy.

We are not permitted to charge you to use or access this content. This document is not published, endorsed, or officially approved by Serpent King Games.

For more information about Dragon Warriors products and Serpent King Games, please visit their website.

Explore the world of the Hungry Mouse, also from David Donachie.

InBetween: Hungry Mouse by solipsistgames (itch.io)


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