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Ulric the Sorcerer.

Some say he was born under a full moon, some say he was suckled by a she-wolf. There are some as say that he and his tower have always been there. Whatever the truth is may not ever be known to mortal man. But here, we show you at least one truth.  Ulric the Sorcerer. His tower. No more from me.

Over to author, Simon Howard to give you a little more background.

The Tower of Ulric the Sorcerer has been a part of the background of Dragon Warriors since the release of the Corgi books back in the 1980s. Ulric was even alluded to being part of the plot to remove Baron Aldred from power. That is as far as it went.

This book aims to change this by providing GMs with a resource to use in their own campaigns.

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